Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Fall flight

Art made especially
for this blog...
by Jp
(Judith Parsons)

When my children were little wee ones, still wanting a bed time story we would read "Little Bear." I loved when he climbed a tree and said to a bird:"I can fly too, just downward."
It has always made me smile. Still does.

There is a serene beauty in the flying of the leaf. To sit and watch the dance of the leaf and the wind. The wind trying to teach the leaf--in one dance how to swirl and twirl about. No pressure wind, you have to make the dance exquisite for one leaf. The leaf knowing, and seeing her other siblings glide gracefully to kiss the earth.

This year, this fall is very melancholy. Perhaps it is because my dad passed last year. (Shaking head) I am not sure. Perhaps the thought of being alone at Thanksgiving is weighting heavy upon me.

Well...enough of this sad talk....I have a glorious mold in plaster to make today! I am heading to the hardware store to get supplies! Wooohoooo! I leave you with my little poem for today.

Journey of flight

We grow 
dancing with the wind

perched perfectly
spring storms of life we tremble
showing our underbelly
holding on

summer lulls
happily shading the children
the stillness of the heat builds
the afternoon showers

the heat

awaiting the fall
the release into flight

knowing it is a one time
only one flight

into your loving lap

Judith Parsons 2015

(Celebrating the leaf…and her journey-to Fall)

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  1. I feel ya on tht note, my dad passed as well, though some time back. It still renders heavy as I'm till this moment trying to be like the leaf to fall graceful without him in my life. :) ❤❤❤