Monday, January 29, 2018

Dangerous God.

I have been reading the great late John O’ Donahue, the great Celtic philosopher and priest. He has a unique take on God and creativity. I love his perspective on God being dangerous. That the theology tamers have taken the fire and thrill out of GOd. They have made God a pastel sort of soft elevator music sort of God.

This art was created around his quote. As an artist this wraps up who I am completely. As a young woman I forced manifesting my reality. I wanted to change it, I wanted so much more than I was. I was constantly splitting the seed of my exterior, and becoming something new again and again.

I shake my head, thinking about who I was and what my ex-husband put up with. Bless his heart for sticking it out in a 32 year marriage. I came to San Francisco, to find myself. To complete my graduate degree, to prove to myself I could sculpt a body and or a face if I so desired. When it was all said and done, I learned how to see.

If you read my blog, then you know what I am about to say. The song- Amazing grace, was certainly about an artist going to art school to learn to “see”. Once you learn this higher level of “seeing” you are forever changed.

I see things in slow motion all the time now. It is an altered state of consciousness and the chiaroscuro effect shows up all the time. It is as if angels are stopping time so I might memorize the scene.

Thats all I’ve got. Go make your life dangerous. Find God in the little moments. Play the jazz that makes you smile. You are on holy ground!

Sunday, January 28, 2018

The beauty of God comes in.

My daughter is also an artist. It is a fabulous world when we discuss art and she tells me what she is working on with her students. I am in awe of her mind! She is a writer and philosopher with her art, she lets “the spirit move her” and has been creating large wall hangings.

The art I created is based upon one of her paintings. I actually took this man off her painting and decided to “play with him.” ( I asked permission first.) We talked about the thresholds that were going along his body. The art is created using one continuous black line.

We have a marvelous talk about the “line”. She wrote a magnificent poem about it and can not wait to see her next zine. She is a brilliant artist and writer and yes, I am her biggest fan.
John O’Donohue said; “Every time you are creative you are on holy ground."
I think God is an exquisite artist - as he created us in his image. Right?

Mr. O'Donohue is speaking to a group of people at Greenbelt, about thresholds. It is a great eleven minute video. As a "humanoid" we forget the thresholds we crossed as a younger person. We also live safe quiet lives. THIS is where I stop, and shake my head. I don't want a quiet lonesome life. I want an adventure! I want to keep crossing thresholds and learning new creative art stuff forever! 

 Pick up that camera and go find the light, that plays hide and seek. Go find your sparkling diamonds upon the water. Go find the magic in the new sprouted green grass, new buds, new beginnings.

Be brave and walk through your thresholds. Skip and dance through your new beginnings!! YOU are incredible!! Go baby GO!

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Hibernating thresholds to Y

Art created by Judith Parsons Art. San Francisco 2018

My daughter and I were talking about the 
shapes we like to draw. She was talking about
thresholds and doorways. I have always loved
steps and ladders. 
The other shape is the "Y" branch.  

Ask why.
Ask why and why and why.

God sit with your highest self.

Ask your highest self to reveal his/her self.

You know the one I mean.
The one that whispers the logical part,
when you heart decides to forget it.

The wind is kicking up.
The rains are coming.
Winter is a good time to hibernate.
Enjoy the quiet.
Stay detached.

Make decent decisions so your body can stay strong.
No one can do it for you.
It is a one woman job.

Good luck

May you rest and be well.

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Art in pool

true loves.

Water & Art.

That is all.

Sculptures and graphic design created by
Yours Truly,

Judith Parsons Art

Monday, January 22, 2018

The butterfly and the fish

Original art by Judith Parsons Art • San Francisco 2018

The words became white

Turned to fog
Each letter 
walking into the cloud 
Silence was needed


the wanting didn’t want anymore
the quiet sneaked in
perfect elixir 
settling everything
a first snow kind of quiet

but more quiet

nothing needed to be said
Ms. Time
The new improved version
laid down beside me
She was quiet too

Waiting learning patience
She decided to let her lay 
In Sheets of White linen
Which covered the earth
Wrapped in her cocoon

I left her 
to rebirth herself

I returned to the water
The quiet fluid healed me
I believed in breathing bubbles
We needed rest from one another

You find your butterfly wings

I shall find my fins

Friday, January 19, 2018

Reflecting relationships!

Original art by Judith Parsons Art 2018
San Francisco

Reflections and relationships

There is a perspective of seeing the world that has always amused me. I tend to look at the world in a reflective mirror above me and another below me. It is an unusual way to look at life, but I feel it is the most telling.

It happened when I started having nieces and nephews. I started reflecting upon the relationships I had with my two aunts. They were the coolest adults I knew when I was a wee little girl. 

One was the academic and the other a very earthy wise woman. They both were what I would become, as I believed in them and their “causes”. Both women are fierce about family. They LOVE their family first and foremost! And I loved the way they loved my dad. 

They held my father in great esteem. I don’t know the particulars of what my dad did or why they think so much of him. However, they did adore him. They all came alive! Energized, as if a light switch had been turned on. They laughed and had a little extra step in their energy. I loved Thanksgiving because Aunt Peggy moved heaven and earth to gather us all in.

She knew, what I figured out when my sisters and brothers started having children. We reflect and model what we are to become. I gulp as I type that out. Because, honest to God— I have been selfish in my role as an Aunt. I haven’t been the best- and totally suck at it. However, we can start the game a little late- right? My sister, she seemed to get it right! My sisters son and I connect because we are live in the same area- sure- however---HE GETS the whole "we are all connected energy vibe"!!

My other sister and I have always connected! We have ALWAYS called one another once a week since forever. And her daughter connects with me via social media regularly and I am thrilled that we connect! It makes my week soar.

My sister has always included her mother-in-law and her sister to their family events. THAT I am sure, has affected their children. As they contact me, trying to do what their parents have done.

It is all the mirror- holding up the mirror- so it reflects back in again and again. Congratulations T and H for being great parents! You got the whole “Auntie” connect d-o-w-n! 

I have tried to be good niece, though honestly, I could have been a hell-of-a lot better. It is a mirror. (sighing) Hey sweet nephews and nieces- let us all go on a cruise!! Wouldn’t that be a hoot!!
Give me time to save the money!! 
Grinning—lets say in a year? 

Looking forward to dancing with you sweet Sunshines!! (come on in and lets have a group hug!) I love you all!

When it is all said and done...We are connected deepest upon the family roots...or lightning decide. We reflect upward and downward...we are all amazing lights. I love being connected!! 

The art created was within and "eye" shape. Inside the eye is an citrus looking fruit. The eye looks into healing. We are all healing. 

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Happy Birthday Margaret

Birthday Beauty Margaret.

Another candle added to the birthday cake. How I love and adore you Margaret. 

What a marvelous incredible year! Relocating back to the land of beads and voodoo, where shrimp and crayfish are plentiful. Where hurricanes come rolling in regularly and give you an appreciation for high ground and sturdy structures.

A new career where you mold and shape wee artist and give them an appreciation for “seeing anew”. The children are riding the wave of your enthusiasm, the watery splashes of color rainbows upon their mind. You are at an incredible place Beautiful Margaret.

As you blow out your birthday cake candles I see the timeless you. Your grandmothers are so proud of you. They whisper their heavenly coos of love for you. We all look forward to what the future holds as you skip, run, unfurl your wings and lift off to soar above the cloud layer.

You are the fluidity of water. The magic of alchemy - the evaporation magic and transforming into the nothingness and everything then releasing back to the earth. Only to dive back into yourself.

I am blessed that you came through me. Thank you Margaret for all that you are! May your birthday candle wishes come true!! I love, love, love you!

Thursday, January 11, 2018

I want to heal you.

Original art created by Judith Parsons Art 2018

I am trying to support someone through a difficult period. Admittedly, I want to fix it. I want to take her pain away. Kiss the boo boo, put a bandaid on it and have her back to her normal happy go lucky self.

I can’t fix this. Grief takes time. Amazingly, she gave me the meditation series on time a month ago. It is an amazing series.

“I experience the healing power of time.” This is day 4 of the Deepak Chopra and Oprah Winfrey 21 day meditation. I have been listening to it and it heals me- deepens my self awareness. I want it to heal her. I want you to go listen to it and let it enlighten you too.

We are all responsible for healing ourselves. No one else can do it.

You can take a pill, go to a doctor, meditate all day long…however, choosing to step up, and make life better requires proactive energy. And sometimes that energy is lost. Sometimes the grieving process is being at the bottom of a cold dark well.

“Decide what you value and dedicate yourself to what you value.” Oprah Winfrey is spot on. And sure sometimes, we really need to examine and evaluate the mind and body.

Sleep on it, Deepak Chopra advises. Reset your biorhythm, it takes time to heal. “Mediation is inward time and the second most healing time after sleep.” 

So rest Beloved. Take all the time you need. I will go up the energy ladder and get supplies, and bring them to you. I will get sunshine and put it in a thermos for you to sip. And I will get yummy energy food that replenishes your soul. It brings tears to my eyes to see you in such pain.I wish I was there to kiss away your pain. 

Take the time you need to heal yourself. 

Friday, January 5, 2018

Empty/full...You decide

Art by Judith Parsons Art 2018 • San Francisco
“ Blank is the end, blank is the beginning. This is the rune of total trust, and should be taken as exciting evidence of your most immediate contact with your own true Destiny which, time and again, rises like the phoenix from the ashes of what we call fate.”
This from the The Book of Runes by Ralph Blum

I pulled this rune yesterday. Every New Year I pull out all my tools to check and see if I am on the correct path, when really in my gut I know I am.

In a world where we work upon our body, mind and spirit. This last phase of my life is most exciting, because I am actually living purposefully. I received a tremendous amount of wisdom from the 21 Day Mediation series on time. Thank you Deepak and Oprah for your wisdom.

Wipe away everything. As if your were clearing off a table top, swipe your hand across the imaginary table in your mind. ALL the clutter, all the other people and their wants, just sweep your whole arm over the table, and push everything away and off the table.

Now. Smile. Take a deep breath. The table is empty/full. It is empty of worries and negative energy, it is full of illuminating light. The table top starts glowing. Smile. Yep. You are deciding from now on, what you will focus on.

IF, your connections, relationships are becoming too heavy. IF the connections of people in your life are weighting you down, tell them you need a break. Yep. You are about YOU- right here- right now. Smile. Breathe.

Now, see one thing you want to focus on that is just for you. Let yourself bring "it" to the forefront of your mind - the one thing you desire. See it. Focus upon it. Relax and KNOW it is yours. In your mind ask God, “show me the way”.

Breathe, smile and know it will come in time. What we focus on we bring into our reality. Yes, it won’t happen over night.

Relax about it. Know. Everything is happening perfectly!

Life is what we decide: We are both empty and full. You are perfect.

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Guardians of the POOL

Original art created using Adobe illustrator and Photoshop.
ArtistL Judith Parsons 2018 San Francisco.
The real guardians watch over you as you swim. They look for your skin texture, for the New Year Resolution nut cases that decide they are going to swim an hour and then they wobble away from the pool exhausted.

The real guardians watch the grand dads trying to be patient with the grand babies. They have this notion that dip children in swimming pool and pronto - instant swimmers! They aren’t instant noodles for heavens sake, that magically puff and grown into breast stroke swimmers.

I give the grand dad an A for effort! He actually taught the girl that her ankles go on the outside of her knees while doing the breast stroke kick (frog kick). I could tell the wee girl was getting exhausted, she kept looking over at me with wide eyes pleading: “Please make Grand dad stop.”

I knew there was no stopping the man. He was on a mission! The best I could do was ask the grand dad to let her practice the kick for a while before moving on with the arms.

I shake my head thinking about the two of them. The grand dad looking at me for approval and confirmation that he was teaching correctly and the wee girl looking at me for assistance in making the whole thing stop.

In the end they were both smiling.The girl was thrilled to be going to a hot shower and the grand dad had accomplished his mission.

Think about the people guarding you. The people who are trained in CPR, first aid and the use of oxygen. The people who will be your emergency back up plan.

Get out there! Go swimming! We have got your back!