Sunday, January 28, 2018

The beauty of God comes in.

My daughter is also an artist. It is a fabulous world when we discuss art and she tells me what she is working on with her students. I am in awe of her mind! She is a writer and philosopher with her art, she lets “the spirit move her” and has been creating large wall hangings.

The art I created is based upon one of her paintings. I actually took this man off her painting and decided to “play with him.” ( I asked permission first.) We talked about the thresholds that were going along his body. The art is created using one continuous black line.

We have a marvelous talk about the “line”. She wrote a magnificent poem about it and can not wait to see her next zine. She is a brilliant artist and writer and yes, I am her biggest fan.
John O’Donohue said; “Every time you are creative you are on holy ground."
I think God is an exquisite artist - as he created us in his image. Right?

Mr. O'Donohue is speaking to a group of people at Greenbelt, about thresholds. It is a great eleven minute video. As a "humanoid" we forget the thresholds we crossed as a younger person. We also live safe quiet lives. THIS is where I stop, and shake my head. I don't want a quiet lonesome life. I want an adventure! I want to keep crossing thresholds and learning new creative art stuff forever! 

 Pick up that camera and go find the light, that plays hide and seek. Go find your sparkling diamonds upon the water. Go find the magic in the new sprouted green grass, new buds, new beginnings.

Be brave and walk through your thresholds. Skip and dance through your new beginnings!! YOU are incredible!! Go baby GO!

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