Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Guardians of the POOL

Original art created using Adobe illustrator and Photoshop.
ArtistL Judith Parsons 2018 San Francisco.
The real guardians watch over you as you swim. They look for your skin texture, for the New Year Resolution nut cases that decide they are going to swim an hour and then they wobble away from the pool exhausted.

The real guardians watch the grand dads trying to be patient with the grand babies. They have this notion that dip children in swimming pool and pronto - instant swimmers! They aren’t instant noodles for heavens sake, that magically puff and grown into breast stroke swimmers.

I give the grand dad an A for effort! He actually taught the girl that her ankles go on the outside of her knees while doing the breast stroke kick (frog kick). I could tell the wee girl was getting exhausted, she kept looking over at me with wide eyes pleading: “Please make Grand dad stop.”

I knew there was no stopping the man. He was on a mission! The best I could do was ask the grand dad to let her practice the kick for a while before moving on with the arms.

I shake my head thinking about the two of them. The grand dad looking at me for approval and confirmation that he was teaching correctly and the wee girl looking at me for assistance in making the whole thing stop.

In the end they were both smiling.The girl was thrilled to be going to a hot shower and the grand dad had accomplished his mission.

Think about the people guarding you. The people who are trained in CPR, first aid and the use of oxygen. The people who will be your emergency back up plan.

Get out there! Go swimming! We have got your back!

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