Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Happy Birthday Margaret

Birthday Beauty Margaret.

Another candle added to the birthday cake. How I love and adore you Margaret. 

What a marvelous incredible year! Relocating back to the land of beads and voodoo, where shrimp and crayfish are plentiful. Where hurricanes come rolling in regularly and give you an appreciation for high ground and sturdy structures.

A new career where you mold and shape wee artist and give them an appreciation for “seeing anew”. The children are riding the wave of your enthusiasm, the watery splashes of color rainbows upon their mind. You are at an incredible place Beautiful Margaret.

As you blow out your birthday cake candles I see the timeless you. Your grandmothers are so proud of you. They whisper their heavenly coos of love for you. We all look forward to what the future holds as you skip, run, unfurl your wings and lift off to soar above the cloud layer.

You are the fluidity of water. The magic of alchemy - the evaporation magic and transforming into the nothingness and everything then releasing back to the earth. Only to dive back into yourself.

I am blessed that you came through me. Thank you Margaret for all that you are! May your birthday candle wishes come true!! I love, love, love you!

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