Friday, January 19, 2018

Reflecting relationships!

Original art by Judith Parsons Art 2018
San Francisco

Reflections and relationships

There is a perspective of seeing the world that has always amused me. I tend to look at the world in a reflective mirror above me and another below me. It is an unusual way to look at life, but I feel it is the most telling.

It happened when I started having nieces and nephews. I started reflecting upon the relationships I had with my two aunts. They were the coolest adults I knew when I was a wee little girl. 

One was the academic and the other a very earthy wise woman. They both were what I would become, as I believed in them and their “causes”. Both women are fierce about family. They LOVE their family first and foremost! And I loved the way they loved my dad. 

They held my father in great esteem. I don’t know the particulars of what my dad did or why they think so much of him. However, they did adore him. They all came alive! Energized, as if a light switch had been turned on. They laughed and had a little extra step in their energy. I loved Thanksgiving because Aunt Peggy moved heaven and earth to gather us all in.

She knew, what I figured out when my sisters and brothers started having children. We reflect and model what we are to become. I gulp as I type that out. Because, honest to God— I have been selfish in my role as an Aunt. I haven’t been the best- and totally suck at it. However, we can start the game a little late- right? My sister, she seemed to get it right! My sisters son and I connect because we are live in the same area- sure- however---HE GETS the whole "we are all connected energy vibe"!!

My other sister and I have always connected! We have ALWAYS called one another once a week since forever. And her daughter connects with me via social media regularly and I am thrilled that we connect! It makes my week soar.

My sister has always included her mother-in-law and her sister to their family events. THAT I am sure, has affected their children. As they contact me, trying to do what their parents have done.

It is all the mirror- holding up the mirror- so it reflects back in again and again. Congratulations T and H for being great parents! You got the whole “Auntie” connect d-o-w-n! 

I have tried to be good niece, though honestly, I could have been a hell-of-a lot better. It is a mirror. (sighing) Hey sweet nephews and nieces- let us all go on a cruise!! Wouldn’t that be a hoot!!
Give me time to save the money!! 
Grinning—lets say in a year? 

Looking forward to dancing with you sweet Sunshines!! (come on in and lets have a group hug!) I love you all!

When it is all said and done...We are connected deepest upon the family roots...or lightning decide. We reflect upward and downward...we are all amazing lights. I love being connected!! 

The art created was within and "eye" shape. Inside the eye is an citrus looking fruit. The eye looks into healing. We are all healing. 

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