Thursday, August 31, 2017

Day 2 After Ireland

Original art by Judith Parsons 2017 San Francisco

Anita and I were sitting out in the garden talking- watching the fire.

“We are 2 Queens.”
Then Anita replied, “With Paddy we are 3 Queens”.

(You know I love you Paddy)

I busted out laughing.
“So which one would you be, you love your millionaire  television shows? Maybe you would be the Queen of diamond?”

Anita nodded her head, “And I suppose you would be the Queen of hearts?”

We were both laughing at this conversation.

“Of course I would!”

“And Paddy would he be the puppy dog paws or the Queen of Spades?”

“What is the puppy dog paw?”

“The three circle shapes are the paw of a puppy.”

“Well, the queen of spades represents death. So he would have to be the Queen of clubs.”

Today you get the queen of hearts. 

An original illustration by me. Sure, I pulled up a bunch of playing card images to trace over. However the Queen is personalized with “J” over her tunic. Her eyes are closed. She is able to see without opening her eyes. She is an intuitive type of Queen.


Playing in Illustrator and then taking the single card into photoshop to continue with the playing.

The checker board is made with an inverted Queen and then skewing her.
Life is for playing. Find the one thing you are great at. Do it!

I will endeavor to create a piece of art a day. 

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Starting anew!!

Art by Judith Parsons 2017.
Created from a laser cut piece of metal.
I will create art everyday, for a year.
The creative in me is
making art.

I am back in San Francisco!!! Changed after 2 months of gathering my energy back in. Finished with my graduate degree in fine arts I am owning the art priestess that I am. “She” the new and improved artist needed time off to step outside of the business, or busy-ness of life and rest in a garden in Ireland.

We need to assess the situation and evaluate what we desire every now and again. My past life with a military husband I marked my life in moves. Perhaps we need big events, like hurricanes and flooding to shake us awake and ask; “What do we really want?”

Most people probably would say “peace”. “I just want some dang peace and quiet.” Most moms and grandmas I know would answer with “rest”. Having children and living through hurricane Katrina, the whole asking process becomes stripped down bare to the bones- when you see it from that knowing perspective. 

A house filled with 3 feet of mud, dead fish, snakes, and raccoons really puts life in perspective. I feel for you guys in Texas. My heart goes out to you.

Thank you Anita for your persistence in purchasing the ticket so I could really focus on the next realm of my reality. All the food and drinks and fantastic fires!! Thank you Paddy, Teresa and Helen for stepping up and giving us time. (Group hug) 

I have found my strength. I will not tolerate negative treatment. I am old enough to learn from the negative folks. You either ignore them and end up walking away from them. Because you hate yourself for not standing up to them. Or, you learn to use your voice, you become stronger for it and overall better for it.

Listening to some incredible music on the way to Dublin airport, I could see the highest me in my minds eye pull up the body that contains myself. I could see her looking me in the eye, she removed the skin and clothing of the old me, the one that took way too much negative bantering. And underneath was this magnificent shining glowing me, “SHE” (the highest me) put her hands upon my back and wings grew from my shoulder blades.

I didn’t reveal any of this to Anita at the time. I needed to hold her close to my chest. The woman who pulled up a 60 pound suitcase up 5 flights of stairs yesterday was back. SHE was stronger and better for 2 magical months in Ireland.

There are children to teach, there are fabulous friends to connect with. There is art to be mailed out. There is fabulous glass art to be made!! There are potential graphic design-architectural models to be made. There is a future to prepare for, with a woman who makes me stronger. 

I am learning to be BRAVE. I am learning how love ebbs and flows and is exciting! I am living a fabulous adventuresome life!!

Let the rains come, let the winds blow…I have new and improved wings that soar above the cloud layer!! Woooohoooooooo!! Soar beside me sweet loves!! We’ve got this!!

Oh—by the way…YES!! I do intend on having a place in Ireland that you all can come visit and walk along the beach with me!! Stay strong!!

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Heavenly event

The nicest thing about the eclipse was how we were all joined in one event. The event wasn’t about wars and politicians. It was an event where we all lifted our eyes upward toward the heavens.

Marshall McLuhan’s expression: “The medium is the message” rings loud and clear as we are all connected via social media. We are sharing and caring our lives with loved ones across the world, ALL at the same time.

With television in the 60’s, we were connected with the first moon flight and first steps of man upon the moon. Here we are yet again looking at the heavens, all of us marveling upon the message. Mr. McLuhan played with the word “message” changing it to “mass age”, “mess age” and “massage”. I imagine he would be nodding his head and chuckling at all the photographs we have shared and how incredible that the eclipse could bring us ALL together as a world.

For one glorious event- we looked upward. We weren’t arguing over differences. What a glorious experience it was.

The graphic was created with photos of soapy bubbles. Anita stood in the garden waving her magical bubble wand. I keep taking millions of photographs. I combined them playing with photoshop.

The bubbles remind me of dichroic glass, the rainbow colors shimmering magically, the skin of the bubble fragile and alive in its shape for only a few seconds. We are all like the rainbow bubble eclipsing one another, looking upward and marveling at the magnificence of the heavens.

Thank you Facebook for connecting us all! Thank you blogger g-mail folks for letting me put my tiny bubble of words out into the world, if only to live for a few moments it takes to read this. Thank you reader for giving me your time.

For that is really all that matters in the end, what we focus upon. What we give our time to. A few days ago nothing mattered but looking upward. It was delicious and incredible. 

Looking forward to more heavenly events.

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Time in a bottle

Ireland 2017

Mr. Time was born here. In this green land he moves with grace, he is unhurried, he is happy with the smallest events. He sits across from me with his long legs crossed and a cup of tea, content and at peace where white dots upon the mountainside slowly move.

The mountains are Mr. Times friend. They don their white cloud caps giving me a heads up on the coming rain. Weather is not predictable at all here. Do not even bother watching the weather update on the news. 

Mr. Time wants me to come outside and enjoy the autumn cool breeze. The birds are beckoning as well. The roses need dead heading. I could cry and boo hoo all day about the serenity of the garden and how it has changed me. I will endeavor to keep a stiff upper lip and not be a cry baby on you.

I will be heading back to San Francisco refreshed. Aired out like laundry upon the line. Staying focused on enjoying every moment with Anita and her mom. 

I have some wonderful art ideas that need to be completed. Some art to mail out. 

You get back from life what you put in. Truthfully, the timing isn’t always as fast as we would like. Mr. Time is grinning and chuckling, he asks for forgiveness, as he has been on vacation lately. He just said: “Everyone needs a holiday!”

We both busted out laughing over that. Thank you for taking the time to read this. Mr. Time and I are both very aware of how important Time is. 

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Horses couldn't drag me away.

Horse image taken from book "Medicine Cards" by Jamie Sans
and David Carson. Played with image using photoshop!
A million katrillion blue moons ago I met a woman who introduced me to the Medicine cards. We both worked at Monterey Herald newspaper, her name was Jill. She worked full time at the newspaper and wrote screen plays as her hobby. She acted in a one woman play- starring herself. An extraordinary woman! Full of energy and always smiling.
I have lost track of her. Maybe you know what has happened to our friend, if you worked at the newspaper with me. Please feel free to give her a hug from me.

The first card I pulled was the salmon. It was about returning home. When I glance at my life, with its nomadic traveling, I reflect upon swimming upstream. Trying to find my way home. I still remember sitting out upon the side walk, shuffling the cards.
That day forever changed me. I still use the cards to help ground me when I fly too close to the sun.

Today I posted some memories from the Louisiana area. I loved teaching those 5th graders at Folsom Elementary school. It was 7 years ago that we studied George Rodriguez, that we made blue dog masks. What fabulous memories!

My words are all over the place today. I am truly FINALLY learning to own myself. I am learning first to speak up when I feel slighted. Not to take it laying down. And secondly and maybe this such be first- I am learning NOT to take life so seriously. The Irish girlfriend is continually teaching me that lesson. It is safe to say I am finally growing a thick skin in that regard. And I adore her for it!

Everything is in moderation. 

If you have heard it once - then you’ve heard it a million times. Right?!?

:::::Smiling. Shrugging my shoulders and chuckling.:::::

The Irish have a long term relationship with horses. It is a lovely sight to see pastures with horses; the power symbol in the medicine cards.

Today I pulled this card and wanted to share it with you. We are all more powerful than we know. And as we connect and become woven into one another through Facebook we are better for it.

Sure, admittedly I can spend hours reading poetry and scrolling through your wall. It makes my heart happy to see you all doing well and flourishing. And it makes me happy to send prayers and energy to you if you need extra support.

The horse medicine card reminds us to:
find light,
illuminate one another,
the joys of balancing work and play
and wisdom in power.

Thank you Sweet Luvs for reading. May you imagine yourself strong and wild riding a magnificent horse! May you whoop and holler and be the wild warrior spirit!

(my apologies to Jamie Sans and David Carson- I used your horse illustration and played with it!) I love your book!

Friday, August 11, 2017

Deer Bear

A quote from my favorite book: Medicine Cards
by Jamie Sans and David Carson

Today I pulled the bear card, from “Medicine Cards” by Jamie Sans and David Carson. Anita pulled the deer card, contrary position.

The bear represents introspection and seeks the sweetness of truth.The bear hibernates during the winter ”to digest the year’s experiences.” It also says: “To accomplish the goals and dreams that we carry, the art of introspection is necessary.” Entering into silence and allowing the self to know at the deepest level is important.

Anita’s card was lovely as I have been letting fear seep into my clear crystal river and I needed to read this.

“You may not be willing to love yourself enough to feel your fears and let them go. You may be projecting your fears on others. It may also be others whom you fear, reminding you of a time when you reacted to life in much the same manner. At any rate, LOVE is the key. The only true balance of power is the love and compassion of Deer. Be willing to find things to love about yourself and others, and your demons will melt away.”

I adore Ireland and wish I had the money to start an Art School. I shall continue to dream about it and network and perhaps my dream will come true. The clock ticks toward my returning to San Francisco and I have lots of wonderful irons in the fire. It has been a introspective time this summer.

A time of gathering my energy back in after completing my masters in fine art. I have been lucky to have Anita’s home to seek serenity and tranquility this summer. It has been a lovely summer of walking along the beach and dreaming big dreams. I have surrounded myself with bubbles of dreams and ask my friend, the wind to urge them toward God.

I hope God sees the wishes of dichroic glass bubbles and is pleased by them.

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Paddy--I love the bones of you!

Friends are incredible to have.

This blog is about my friend in Ireland. Paddy is an incredible friend, stepping in and assisting whenever needed and reading my mind with art projects and supporting me with his research. I think he knows me more than I know myself.

He is a behind the scenes support system.Today I take the diamond that he is and hold him upon my palms and let the sunshine reflect his multifaceted beautiful soul! 

Thank you Paddy for being so incredibly supportive! You see what needs to be done, and you quietly step in and support. You drop hints here and there and eventually “I get it” and am thrilled with your grin as the dots connect.

You seem to know me more than I know myself. Amazing talent Dear. 

You are funny and wonderful and marvelous to be around. The joker of the family- which I love! We need to figure out how to be around more. (grinning) You are the changing of the guard and run in while Anita and I run out.

You are an angel.

I love the butterfly lights—they light up the green house magnificently. They reflect off the glass and it looks incredible. I love the rope light and the bottle lights— they make the garden magical! It is lovely to sit and contemplate the meaning of life with you glowing fabulously!

Thank you Paddy for your love and support!! (hugging and squeezing you tight)

I adore the bones of you!

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Peripheral rain

One of a kind art created especially for this blog.
Art by Judith Parsons 2017
Peripheral visions and rain. Yesterday was a day when I saw something out of the corner of my eye which surprised me … lightning and thunder also surprised me.

As I was sitting at the dining table having lamb stew, I saw a very tall man who was all white walk by. Upon his shoulders was a white furry shawl. He walked very fast beside the kitchen window. Truth be told — it startled me. Anita saw me jump out of my skin as I turned to try and catch the vision before it passed by. 

Another thing that made me jump was lightning in Ireland. The rain in Ireland generally is soft and gentle. Rarely have I ever seen lightning and thunder here. Times- they are a changing!

Anita is very protective of me. It is her nature to be protective. She was a nanny, caring for others children, never having her own. I wonder about her as a young woman, how she must have been with young children. 

My grandmother used to let me snuggle into her bosom. It was a comforting way to fall asleep. Anita opens her arms and allows me to snuggle into her arms. As I closed my eyes the white man in the garden was in my subconscious space. He was waiting for me to have a conversation.

He said: “I know you saw me.”
“Yes. You were fast, but not fast enough. I need to know if you are good energy.”
He replied: “Yes.”
I told him he could stay and become the guardian of the garden. The “GG”. 
He said he would watch over the garden for us.