Saturday, August 12, 2017

Horses couldn't drag me away.

Horse image taken from book "Medicine Cards" by Jamie Sans
and David Carson. Played with image using photoshop!
A million katrillion blue moons ago I met a woman who introduced me to the Medicine cards. We both worked at Monterey Herald newspaper, her name was Jill. She worked full time at the newspaper and wrote screen plays as her hobby. She acted in a one woman play- starring herself. An extraordinary woman! Full of energy and always smiling.
I have lost track of her. Maybe you know what has happened to our friend, if you worked at the newspaper with me. Please feel free to give her a hug from me.

The first card I pulled was the salmon. It was about returning home. When I glance at my life, with its nomadic traveling, I reflect upon swimming upstream. Trying to find my way home. I still remember sitting out upon the side walk, shuffling the cards.
That day forever changed me. I still use the cards to help ground me when I fly too close to the sun.

Today I posted some memories from the Louisiana area. I loved teaching those 5th graders at Folsom Elementary school. It was 7 years ago that we studied George Rodriguez, that we made blue dog masks. What fabulous memories!

My words are all over the place today. I am truly FINALLY learning to own myself. I am learning first to speak up when I feel slighted. Not to take it laying down. And secondly and maybe this such be first- I am learning NOT to take life so seriously. The Irish girlfriend is continually teaching me that lesson. It is safe to say I am finally growing a thick skin in that regard. And I adore her for it!

Everything is in moderation. 

If you have heard it once - then you’ve heard it a million times. Right?!?

:::::Smiling. Shrugging my shoulders and chuckling.:::::

The Irish have a long term relationship with horses. It is a lovely sight to see pastures with horses; the power symbol in the medicine cards.

Today I pulled this card and wanted to share it with you. We are all more powerful than we know. And as we connect and become woven into one another through Facebook we are better for it.

Sure, admittedly I can spend hours reading poetry and scrolling through your wall. It makes my heart happy to see you all doing well and flourishing. And it makes me happy to send prayers and energy to you if you need extra support.

The horse medicine card reminds us to:
find light,
illuminate one another,
the joys of balancing work and play
and wisdom in power.

Thank you Sweet Luvs for reading. May you imagine yourself strong and wild riding a magnificent horse! May you whoop and holler and be the wild warrior spirit!

(my apologies to Jamie Sans and David Carson- I used your horse illustration and played with it!) I love your book!

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