Thursday, August 31, 2017

Day 2 After Ireland

Original art by Judith Parsons 2017 San Francisco

Anita and I were sitting out in the garden talking- watching the fire.

“We are 2 Queens.”
Then Anita replied, “With Paddy we are 3 Queens”.

(You know I love you Paddy)

I busted out laughing.
“So which one would you be, you love your millionaire  television shows? Maybe you would be the Queen of diamond?”

Anita nodded her head, “And I suppose you would be the Queen of hearts?”

We were both laughing at this conversation.

“Of course I would!”

“And Paddy would he be the puppy dog paws or the Queen of Spades?”

“What is the puppy dog paw?”

“The three circle shapes are the paw of a puppy.”

“Well, the queen of spades represents death. So he would have to be the Queen of clubs.”

Today you get the queen of hearts. 

An original illustration by me. Sure, I pulled up a bunch of playing card images to trace over. However the Queen is personalized with “J” over her tunic. Her eyes are closed. She is able to see without opening her eyes. She is an intuitive type of Queen.


Playing in Illustrator and then taking the single card into photoshop to continue with the playing.

The checker board is made with an inverted Queen and then skewing her.
Life is for playing. Find the one thing you are great at. Do it!

I will endeavor to create a piece of art a day. 

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