Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Starting anew!!

Art by Judith Parsons 2017.
Created from a laser cut piece of metal.
I will create art everyday, for a year.
The creative in me is
making art.

I am back in San Francisco!!! Changed after 2 months of gathering my energy back in. Finished with my graduate degree in fine arts I am owning the art priestess that I am. “She” the new and improved artist needed time off to step outside of the business, or busy-ness of life and rest in a garden in Ireland.

We need to assess the situation and evaluate what we desire every now and again. My past life with a military husband I marked my life in moves. Perhaps we need big events, like hurricanes and flooding to shake us awake and ask; “What do we really want?”

Most people probably would say “peace”. “I just want some dang peace and quiet.” Most moms and grandmas I know would answer with “rest”. Having children and living through hurricane Katrina, the whole asking process becomes stripped down bare to the bones- when you see it from that knowing perspective. 

A house filled with 3 feet of mud, dead fish, snakes, and raccoons really puts life in perspective. I feel for you guys in Texas. My heart goes out to you.

Thank you Anita for your persistence in purchasing the ticket so I could really focus on the next realm of my reality. All the food and drinks and fantastic fires!! Thank you Paddy, Teresa and Helen for stepping up and giving us time. (Group hug) 

I have found my strength. I will not tolerate negative treatment. I am old enough to learn from the negative folks. You either ignore them and end up walking away from them. Because you hate yourself for not standing up to them. Or, you learn to use your voice, you become stronger for it and overall better for it.

Listening to some incredible music on the way to Dublin airport, I could see the highest me in my minds eye pull up the body that contains myself. I could see her looking me in the eye, she removed the skin and clothing of the old me, the one that took way too much negative bantering. And underneath was this magnificent shining glowing me, “SHE” (the highest me) put her hands upon my back and wings grew from my shoulder blades.

I didn’t reveal any of this to Anita at the time. I needed to hold her close to my chest. The woman who pulled up a 60 pound suitcase up 5 flights of stairs yesterday was back. SHE was stronger and better for 2 magical months in Ireland.

There are children to teach, there are fabulous friends to connect with. There is art to be mailed out. There is fabulous glass art to be made!! There are potential graphic design-architectural models to be made. There is a future to prepare for, with a woman who makes me stronger. 

I am learning to be BRAVE. I am learning how love ebbs and flows and is exciting! I am living a fabulous adventuresome life!!

Let the rains come, let the winds blow…I have new and improved wings that soar above the cloud layer!! Woooohoooooooo!! Soar beside me sweet loves!! We’ve got this!!

Oh—by the way…YES!! I do intend on having a place in Ireland that you all can come visit and walk along the beach with me!! Stay strong!!

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