Sunday, August 6, 2017

Paddy--I love the bones of you!

Friends are incredible to have.

This blog is about my friend in Ireland. Paddy is an incredible friend, stepping in and assisting whenever needed and reading my mind with art projects and supporting me with his research. I think he knows me more than I know myself.

He is a behind the scenes support system.Today I take the diamond that he is and hold him upon my palms and let the sunshine reflect his multifaceted beautiful soul! 

Thank you Paddy for being so incredibly supportive! You see what needs to be done, and you quietly step in and support. You drop hints here and there and eventually “I get it” and am thrilled with your grin as the dots connect.

You seem to know me more than I know myself. Amazing talent Dear. 

You are funny and wonderful and marvelous to be around. The joker of the family- which I love! We need to figure out how to be around more. (grinning) You are the changing of the guard and run in while Anita and I run out.

You are an angel.

I love the butterfly lights—they light up the green house magnificently. They reflect off the glass and it looks incredible. I love the rope light and the bottle lights— they make the garden magical! It is lovely to sit and contemplate the meaning of life with you glowing fabulously!

Thank you Paddy for your love and support!! (hugging and squeezing you tight)

I adore the bones of you!

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