Saturday, August 19, 2017

Time in a bottle

Ireland 2017

Mr. Time was born here. In this green land he moves with grace, he is unhurried, he is happy with the smallest events. He sits across from me with his long legs crossed and a cup of tea, content and at peace where white dots upon the mountainside slowly move.

The mountains are Mr. Times friend. They don their white cloud caps giving me a heads up on the coming rain. Weather is not predictable at all here. Do not even bother watching the weather update on the news. 

Mr. Time wants me to come outside and enjoy the autumn cool breeze. The birds are beckoning as well. The roses need dead heading. I could cry and boo hoo all day about the serenity of the garden and how it has changed me. I will endeavor to keep a stiff upper lip and not be a cry baby on you.

I will be heading back to San Francisco refreshed. Aired out like laundry upon the line. Staying focused on enjoying every moment with Anita and her mom. 

I have some wonderful art ideas that need to be completed. Some art to mail out. 

You get back from life what you put in. Truthfully, the timing isn’t always as fast as we would like. Mr. Time is grinning and chuckling, he asks for forgiveness, as he has been on vacation lately. He just said: “Everyone needs a holiday!”

We both busted out laughing over that. Thank you for taking the time to read this. Mr. Time and I are both very aware of how important Time is. 

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