Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Peripheral rain

One of a kind art created especially for this blog.
Art by Judith Parsons 2017
Peripheral visions and rain. Yesterday was a day when I saw something out of the corner of my eye which surprised me … lightning and thunder also surprised me.

As I was sitting at the dining table having lamb stew, I saw a very tall man who was all white walk by. Upon his shoulders was a white furry shawl. He walked very fast beside the kitchen window. Truth be told — it startled me. Anita saw me jump out of my skin as I turned to try and catch the vision before it passed by. 

Another thing that made me jump was lightning in Ireland. The rain in Ireland generally is soft and gentle. Rarely have I ever seen lightning and thunder here. Times- they are a changing!

Anita is very protective of me. It is her nature to be protective. She was a nanny, caring for others children, never having her own. I wonder about her as a young woman, how she must have been with young children. 

My grandmother used to let me snuggle into her bosom. It was a comforting way to fall asleep. Anita opens her arms and allows me to snuggle into her arms. As I closed my eyes the white man in the garden was in my subconscious space. He was waiting for me to have a conversation.

He said: “I know you saw me.”
“Yes. You were fast, but not fast enough. I need to know if you are good energy.”
He replied: “Yes.”
I told him he could stay and become the guardian of the garden. The “GG”. 
He said he would watch over the garden for us.

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