Saturday, July 29, 2017

Butterfly and crows

Playing with a butterfly photograph.
Judith Parsons Ireland 2017

I wrote another blog yesterday about addiction, and then this white butterfly showed up last night. Then I decided to make art with it.
The art spoke louder than the addiction. Truth be told, it was a little preachy. NO one likes to be preached at…so I spared you the boring blog.
I am very in tune with what crosses my path.
Last night a white moth landed upon my hand. I made art with it. What you see is plain ole’ playing in photoshop. It is a favorite thing to do.

This morning a hundred black birds flew into 2 trees down the lane. I can remember the other time the birds did that. Those sorts of moments stay with you. Do you remember life events, memories with birds that speak to your soul?

I was teaching school in Louisiana, it was wintertime and there was a chill in the air. I remember being in awe of the covering of black in the sky. The birds obscured the blue for a few seconds. It was a memory that lodged itself firmly in the filing cabinet of my mind.

I looked up the Native American medicine lesson and was graced with the words about the crow being the keeper of the sacred law. The crow was the shape shifter, the changer and maker of reality. A lovely read about appreciating your life and the abundance you have.

Try if you are so inclined to live life without obscuring your reality. Life in the moment of butterflies and crows. Turn on your tunes, music soothes the savage beast. Breathe, relax, tap your toes, raise your shoulders…sashay. (Just because I love that word!!)

Thank you for reading. Thank you Anita for allowing me to ramble on about the nothings and everythings here in your beautiful home.

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