Tuesday, July 25, 2017


Original art by Judith Parsons Art 2017
There are energies in the world that change us. Memories that stay lodged between the boulders of our mind. Trapped words written down upon the gray cells that forever stay.

Candles and colors of orange sunsets stay with us. The magic of the candle light flickering dancing shadows that create faces from flowers bouquets or plastic bags.

As an artist I have always seen people and faces hidden in rocks, plastic, clouds, and wood grains. They are endless and I accept these shapes and faces as angels helping me along upon my quest here upon this realm. The night that Anita saw the man in the plastic turf bag and pointed it out to me, changed our relationship.

It was a lightning strike of knowing similar “eyes”. It was a night beside the cast iron stove, the door open emitting golden yellow light upon a bag of turf. Clear as day- a small man stood with a flat cap on his head. 

The man was made from the plastic bag holding turf. I will never forget that similar seeing moment with Anita.

The image you see is made from the light of 3 candles. I rotated the image 32 degrees and repeated it. A lovely little piece of art.

There is much magical energy in Ireland. Realms of men and faces just beneath the surface of our watery reality. Anita’s energy has changed me, she is a powerhouse of healing. 

Thank you for stopping by and reading. 

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