Thursday, July 13, 2017

The River Runs Wild

Created using Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop
Created by Judith Parsons Art 2017

The river is wild, with her trees growing over the river. The storms of the past year caught debris upon the trees branches blocking the river. There was no way past the blockage.

Anita and I were on a mission to FREE the river from the past storms. We had secretaries, and a large lopper chopper to free the river and clear her. We really didn’t have a clue exactly how blocked the river was. A year ago we walked up it, and didn’t have the time to properly free her waters.

We came upon a huge tree that had eroded away and fallen over into the river. First, we used the small pruning tools to remove the outer branches. Edward scissor hand would have been proud. 

Anita and I moved into the tree and kept clearing away the branches. Finally we found the larger branches that was holding the storms bounty. With much strength the two of us were able to push the cutting loppers together to cut through some huge large blockages in the river.

Anita and I are finally learning how to let our river flow full on. No blockages. We are helping one another clear the negativity from our existence. It simply isn’t needed anymore.

I have grown leaps and bounds in my objectivity and in being able to NOT take every thing as a personal assault. THAT is a huge thing from someone who grew up being the cry-baby of the family.

The river is flowing in every cell of my body, my body and mind is stronger and better for meeting Anita. Admittedly, we all have crutches, things we use to escape this reality. Though, when I am with Anita, I do not want to be in a fog. I want to be awake when I am with her.

I want to own myself.

As I stepped out of the river, upon the mossy soft grass covering the stone I smiled. Here, was my natural carpet. My toes wiggled upon the warm moss and I turned  to watch the water flow. SHE was flowing full force now, nothing was stopping her. Her music was splashing and swirling wonderfully.

SHE was smiling and singer in her freedom. The merging of river and self was magical. God knows it feels good to be in nature, where everything is happening perfectly.

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