Monday, July 24, 2017

Anita. Chapter One.

One-of-a-kind art by Judith Parsons Art 2017

She is wild and untamed. She is the great unknown in her growl in the middle of the night. She is the bear of the sleep world and allows herself to be seen when she sleeps. She is a phenomena that scares the hell out of me, though- when I first experienced the bear of her soul I thought I could tame her.

I was wrong. There is no taming this wild woman who crosses the realm of sleep into the realm of dark realities.

She is worthy of a book. Today is day one of her story. I will try and do her justice. 

Her hair is wavy thick silky black curls down her back, her statue is sturdy and straight backed. Her shoulders are strong and her legs even stronger. She was built for climbing mountains yet when she walks over the octagonal columns at Giants Causeway, she is nimble upon her feet stepping over the uneven stones as if she grew up upon them.

She is an enigma. There is no capturing of her, even as I start writing here now, I know it is futile. As soon as I think I know who she is, she changes. 

She took the photograph of the gothic window you see. She is a fabulous photographer. She always replies with the statement: “It is the camera.” And we all know the fabulous chef who cooks a magnificent meal and when he is complimented upon his food- he doesn’t say: “It is the oven”.  She has a glorious eye for “seeing”. I am thrilled to have her talents to assist my work.

I took the gothic window photograph image and repeated it and rotated it around. Sacred geometry is a huge part of my art now. 

Anita is also a huge part of my life now.

We are learning how to dance this waltz called life. And it is hilarious at time and painful at times. We step upon one another’s toes often. Both of us desiring to lead the dance. Both strong bull headed women.

She is this image, a complicated flowering window. Allowing magnificent light to shine through her soul.