Saturday, July 8, 2017

It is all about the light.

Thank you Paddy for the tree lights!! I love them!
Graphic created by Judith Parsons Art 2017
Woman's face upon the wood.

There are 2 elements to Anita’s garden that thrill me to no end. One is the chimney chunga that we light fires in and the other is a cherry tree which we have strung lights in. They both have a magical light element that mesmerizes me.

We sit under the stars watching the flames dance about. The fire is cozy and warm. You know how an out door fire soothes the soul. The fire here talks to Anita and I, we sit quietly for an hour, no need to talk, comfortable in our silence. Then when we do speak and ask a question, the fire awakens and adds her two cents of conversation.

The fire evening gives us messages within the ashes. Here is an example of the fire giving us a message. There is a woman’s face upon one of the logs that was in the fire. As plain as day she can be seen. Anita and I were discussing Joan of Arc. Thomas, (waving) her brother mentioned that Joan of Arc was burned alive for being a cross dresser. Hm. Who knew? I have never heard of that. Looked it up via wikipedia and sure enough, that was what it said.

Then the lights that shine in the back tree. Thank you Paddy for the lights (hugging you tight), they are solar charged and are perfect as they glow softly and change colors. It is a comforting light to look out the window and see in the middle of the night.

There is magic to be had. it shows up in the littlest ways. Thank you Paddy for the lights, thank you Thomas for the Joan of Arc tip. The fire heard our words.

Life is divine.

Smiling, singing, shining and sashaying.

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