Saturday, July 1, 2017

Foggy silence

Original art created by Judith Parsons Art. 
Fog shrouds all energy and calms everything down. The tiny wet molecules dampening down everything it touches.

We need silence. 

Most of us don’t think of the silent treatment as a gift. Though really, it is. Usually the silent treatment arises after harsh words have been spoken. The room is filled with grief over the pain. The gasping is made as the body reacts to the hurt that has been flung about.

The tears come preparing for transformation. 

Will you take it? Will you stand for the hurt that has been thrown at you?  It takes time for the energy of the hurt to settle. Hurt, pain, and anger are all parts of life. We have to be objective enough to see the hurt. 

Something has to change.

The body is waiting for you to defend yourself. Eventually you will find your voice and ask for an apology. Eventually you will speak because you know that you can not continue to live a life of regret. You know your body will start caving in upon itself if you keep letting the filth of that energy be flung at you.

While we ponder upon the changes that need to be made the silence of fog rolls in. No one wants to talk. The silence of the fog knows that. The fog quiets the static of the energy.
The fog is the reset button.

Start over.

Leave. the. madness. 

While you ponder all the options allow the quiet fog to give you breathing room. The silence is okay. Embrace the fog. Use the fog as a blanket to hide under while you figure out the monsters under your bed.

The sun will come out, the sun will burn away the fog. But for now, USE the fog as a way to sneak in the answers. Safe and sound covered in misty white clouds.

Rest. Gather yourself in. Find your happiness inside the fog. 

I love you.

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