Wednesday, July 26, 2017


The one attribute that keeps me coming back is compassion. Compassion is an incredible gift to give another person. If you are caring for an elderly parent or a person with dementia then you know exactly where I am coming from. Whether the decline is of the body or the mind, you as the caregiver are standing in the rapids of life. Trying to support and hold up a loved one who can’t stand up in the harsh flowing waters of life anymore.

Anita is doing that for her mother. It is a constant energy buttressing and supporting her mother. 
The photograph you see is a local cathedral not far from her home, I could have found a better image of a church with buttressing. Sorry. 

How ever if you know your art history then you know the term “buttress”. As men designed and built churches that were taller and more magnificent they needed to design reinforcing walls to help hold up the basilica design. Most of the churches were built with large stain glass windows that allowed magical light into the interior.

So the challenge was to support a wall, without blocking the light from the large windows. Thus, the buttressing design was created. What has all of this to do with compassion and caring for an older person. It is the constant buttressing. The supporting of another soul 24/7.

Anita is an amazing woman. She doesn’t complain about her role as caregiver. She goes about her daily routines with a smile upon her face and strong straight back. She is doing what needs to be done.

She is a saint in my eyes. She is my inspiration and my heroine. 

Anita, your soul is stain glass- glowing incredibly!

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