Monday, September 11, 2017

Judy Chicago...Lawyers...Sara

Outside a cafe, Judy Chicago images from google.
Sara laughing! A fabulous night.
Judith Parsons Art 2017

Last night, Sarah and I were sitting at a table outside of a bar having a cool glass of wine. We were thrilled having seen the famous Judy Chicago. She was a delight to listen to, she is still a fiery passionate woman at 77 years of age. We were discussing the time we had been introduced to her work. We were discussing our women friends whom had “made it” as artist.

Sarah was talking about a lawyer friend of hers, when a gentleman who had been standing outside having a smoke, decided to sit down beside us. 
His opening statement was: “I am a lawyer…” and with that he started his story about how depressed he was. He was certainly conflicted. One part of him, the ego, wanted to impress us with how much money he had. That if he wanted to buy some lines it was no big deal. Then the other part of him admitted he was contemplating suicide.

We listened, we let him say all that he needed to say. He was blurry eyed from drinking and Sarah and I had no place to rush back to, so we listened.

He grew up in Paris. When I asked him where, he started speaking in french so that seemed to clarify that. Sarah asked him if he had ever had a “once-in-a-lifetime love”. Sadly he said no. Though honestly, the man was clearly in his drink, so the story could be taken with a grain of salt.

Sarah gave him wise counsel. She explained that everything happens for a reason. That the good and the bad things both were there for us to learn from. Though, the bad taught better lessons than the good. We all have both experiences in our lives in order to grow. 

Then finally, I asked him if he had ever heard of healing with reiki. He opened his eyes wide and said that he knew what it was. I told him I had learned the practice. He asked me to place my hands upon his head. I told him no thank you. However, reiki has a way of asking us what we desire in our lives.

Reiki energy knows the highest self of you. That highest self knows if something is right or wrong. If you ask the universe to show you the way, then as sure as you are reading this, you will begin to receive opportunities that really ask you to decide. These are not easy decisions to be made. The highest self knows when something needs to stop, when your belly hurts because you’ve been fighting an uphill battle. In your gut, you know, you need to step away and regroup, reevaluate and make a new plan.

I told our drunk friend this. I told him he knew deep down in his belly what behavioral changes needed to be made. The universe holds up a mirror and asks us to decide. With that there was nothing more to be said. He stood up to shake my hand. I stood up to hug him. As I hugged him I asked him to go find his reiki tribe, they would help heal him.

After he walked away, Sarah and I continued talking about the lawyer. Her lawyer friend didn’t particularly love being a lawyer. However, it provided her with the means to have a luxurious life. She worked so that she could play.

It was a glorious night out. Judy Chicago was amazing! She gives me hope, she is 20 years older than I am. If she can do her incredible artwork, then there is hope yet for me.

Use this autumn as a place of harvesting your highest self. Take the time to be quiet. Turn off the cell phones, tell your friends you need the space to listen to your most confident highest self.  Go sit in nature. Decide. Know.