Sunday, September 17, 2017

Energy fireworks!!

Enjoy playing this weekend! Play! Play! Play!
Art created by Judith Parsons Art 2017

This fall morning: Beware of energy!

Energy. Positive and negative. Initially one might think of a battery. Then one might think of positive people and negative people.

You’ve heard it all before. 

There has been a  HUGE shift in me. 
For the first time in my life I am REALLY deciding to DO something that keeps me strong for my life job!!

Think about what you do for a living. Sitting behind a computer, designing, doing your paper work. THEN if you are lucky, you skip to a pool or a gym and THEN you play, making your body strong.

I am lucky enough to DO what makes me strong for a living. IT is a luxury to have this amazing job!

Yesterday, I played in the pool for seven hours teaching little ones how to swim. I did not have a “cryer” the whole day! It was a positive perfect day. 
The children trusting in me to support them, at first-their fears palatable— at the end of the lesson, the littlest wee girl almost started crying, because she didn’t want to leave the pool.

THAT made my day! Their energy healed me. Their lovely smiling faces FILLED me with energy! 

We played. Playing is the best way to learn. Play. Dance. Sing. Be silly. Enjoy your day. 

I have the music on beside me. It is on a channel that is about “our savior” …it is about living in the light…The words: “They will be done…I know you hear me.” Wow! Lovely song. 
There is another song about coming back to the alter, to your first love. A love that feels like home.


Nothing happens by coincidence anymore, all these energy moments connect. We are more connected than we will ever know.

The energy between seasons has to gather itself in, before we can move forward. Be aware.

Playing with these words here. Not having to make sense. Connecting the dots of letters… Be aware…beware…spooky signs telling us not to venture forward.

Access and evaluate the situation before moving forward. Is it safe? Take it ALL in. Take your time. “If it is meant for you- it will not pass you by.” This saying, my beloved  Anita tells me all the time. God knows I adore you Anita. All that is happening, is for a reason. We might not know exactly why.
However, let us use this time to become in our minds eye- who we are.

The positive and negative battery energy makes us all move. May you move upon your divine path.

The fireworks in Chinatown are going off- certainly a sign that all the evil spirits have been banished! I am ON the correct path! LIFE is woooohoooooooo exciting!

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