Monday, September 25, 2017

Winds of change

Original art by Judith Parsons Art 2017
Playing in Adobe Photoshop.

This weekend was about “winds of change” and starting over. I met with a lovely group of healers we stood in the reflective candlelight of love and light and we discussed healing our community. Healing with lovely energy. 

Now, with the autumn equinox of equal day and night balance— it is time to revaluate our existence. Winter is a good time to go within, it is a lovely time to hibernate and ask your highest self: “What do I need to change to become healthier and stronger.”

Let that question be the blanket upon which you sleep. Let the healing words snuggle and cuddle against you, as you know this is the first step in becoming what you have always desired to become.

Personally, it takes time for me to gather in energy for change. I welcome the idea of hibernating. Time is a lovely sweet bear that nuzzles against me. I pet Time, and wrap around its furry back, ready to rest in the knowing that in a few months, I will be transforming.

We all go through the physical changes, we lose weight, we gain it back. We work out for a few months, then we stop working out. Very few people are disciplined enough to continue a regimented routine. I applaud you fabulous friends who are disciplined. You inspire me to become more.

If you will use your imagination. Please see a large oak tree, it branches immense, the moon is shining upon the tree. There is an owl in the branches, representing north, There is a sleeping bear underneath the tree, representing south. To the right of the tree is a sleeping doe, representing east. Then on the left side of the tree a sleeping wolf, representing west.

The tree represents the tree of life. Branches reaching toward heaven, above the cloud layer and its roots reaching far into the darkness of the soil, pass the darkness into the river of life that is underground. The energy source of all of us. We are the river and the tree as we each have both light and dark parts of ourselves.

The owl is the intuitive wise highest self of yourself. The bear is trusting in the great unknown, seeking hibernating where the answers come with time. The doe is compassion, her eyes melting the monster temptations who try and prevent us from reaching the summit of our soul. The wolf is the teacher. We are all of these things symbolically. 

With this new season, embrace yourself. Prepare for winter, it is going to be a stormy season. Cut the wood, gather it in… breathe in deeply. Embrace the bear.

The winds bring change. Prepare.

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