Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Summer soaring!!

Original art created by one of a kind original artist!
Judith Parsons Art 2015
"She was on a voyage toward 
LOVE and 
Profound Transformation.

She found courage amidst the storms
faith in her sails as she left the safety of the harbor
and possibility."

(These words are off a painting in a art shop I walk by. I am not sure of the writer. They have stayed with me. And I created my own art inspired by the mosaics from Rome.)

This summer I faced my fears and did things I never thought I would do. I taught sailing again, I traveled to Rome, I witnessed a magnificent magical wedding and all of these experiences made me young again.

Sailing with young children, teaching them and loving them was how my summer began. I was balancing on the water again, finding God’s breath in my sails and in heaven! I was howling and laughing and singing out upon the water again. 

Then traveling to Ireland and then on to Rome! Gardening and playing in the mud, and planting roses.Thank you Anita for letting me make a mess of your garden! I adore planting and mucking about with the roses!
Then hanging laundry out upon the line with God’s breath playing with the fabric. The golden morning light makes me cry! Oh, the magical silence that wrapped me in a cocoon of possibility!

Rome, Rome, Rome…Oh Dear Lord - the city is amazing!! The hospitality is astounding!  THE ART unforgettable!! The best hotel in the world, The Napoleon, seconds from the metro stop! And the light-oh-me-oh-my, the golden light (sighing) transforms us all into Greek God’s and Goddesses!!!

Then to Monterey where my best friends son, Nick was married to Dianne. I danced!! I had forgotten how nice it is to shake my hips and sashay about the floor! Oh!! I am grinning thinking about it!! I had a blast!! I saw an old friend, that made me feel young again! I met new friends- Monty, Courtney, Dianne, Robbin, Pat and Chris!! And on the train back I met a awesome architect, Michael C. Batori. He is also a soaring spirit!! Maybe—just maybe—that art school WILL be built!!! 

What a glorious summer!! Woooohoooooo!!! I am blessed! LIFE is amazing!! Soaring beside you all!!
Maybe…just maybe we can all plan a trip to Rome…Wouldn’t THAT be amazing?! (grinning)

Love you all!

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