Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Oprah-Deepak=Art Being Born

Today is the second day of meditation with Oprah and Deepak… 

It is a glorious 21 day series. I am excited and motivated! Today was about “Desire”…I created this art- after listening to the meditation…

A Reverence for LIFE—for art…and for me- LIFE is ART..

I am continually amazed when I meet people who say they do not have a passion? How can one NOT have a desire and passion for something? It boggles the mind...It blows me away.

I was born INTENSE. That is the easiest explanation. That is all I can think of to say..Maybe we ARE predestined to be- or do a certain task in life. 

Being an artist-suits me..wanting others to do what I do..wanting others to have a glorious-"WOW- I made that moment" Is what desire for me is all about!!

Todays meditation has me “ZINGING” with energy!! 

I will make my dreams come true..With Oprah and Deepak’s help…Dream DO come TRUE!

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