Tuesday, December 2, 2014

It is ALL about the LIGHT!

Photograph by Anita Boyle 2014
Warren Point, Ireland
This blog is brought to you by Light. Anita Boyle, (waving) took this photo in Warren Point, Ireland. Thank you for sharing your photography.

The light is spiral in nature as it swirls into the tunnel. There is a plant that resembles a bonsai tree at the opening, beyond that is the water and homes that face the shore. The water and homes sit in a haze. The sun has not burned off the fog of the morning. 

I love the hazy fog that has not yet burned off. That is my life, as I learn to accept my life without additives. Most people have vices, we use them to soften the intensity of reality. As I grow, as I become the Queen I am in my own fairy tale, I am learning to embrace life with out additives. (sighing) I feel better when I don’t drink half a bottle of wine. (smiling)

Life is the tunnel. The tough texture of the wall is cement it is glorious like elephant skin. (sighing smiling) If the tunnel were smooth like glass or polished metal- we would slide down it. The rough texture gives us footing. The roughness of the path makes us stronger. We need to be aware of the placement of our feet and where we are going.

It leaves the contrast of the tunnel, the texture of the wall and the contrast of light and dark in the forefront. We all know, with out darkness there is no light. And vise versa.

I am blown away by the swirling of the light, the nautilus shape of the light, the way the light fades as it reaches toward you.
The little tree seems to have energy, almost looks like it is peeping inside and  waving- saying “Hello” (grinning).

There was a animated movie and all I can remember is the line: “Don’t look at the light…”
Many near death experiences involve a tunnel and light. This tunnel reminds me that WE are the light. Our perception and perspective  of life is light, do we wish to shine light and portray it as glorious?

I love this photograph as it is perfect in its timing. My dad just ascending through HIS tunnel to the next realm. And I imagine the second his spirit left his body, the second he unfurled his wings, HE SOARED….toward the opposite shore, to his new home beside the sea.

Thank you Anita Boyle for your photograph. We are all more connected than we know. 

I love all of you! Soaring, shining, smiling beside you.

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