Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Puppy Noble Artist

Photo from google images
Graphic by Judith Parsons Art 2014
Sculpture class is ALWAYS enlightening. Professor Lawrence Noble used a great analogy to describe the young artist. He said it was a lovely and challenging position to be in. Having untrained artist is like having a “box of puppies.” (grinning)

What a lovely way to “see” the young untrained artist. Enthusiastic and overflowing with enthusiasm. It was the last class and we were able to talk with the model about how she “sees” the artist. 

It was a lovely class, to see art from the models perspective. How they are treated like mannequins. The model is an interesting person, strong enough and confident enough to strip down into their birthday suit and stand naked in from of a room of people. Taking photos is a no-no. One must first ask the professor and then it is up to the model to decide. Then the whole issue of compensation comes up. Should the model be paid for the photo? Most would agree- yes- they should.

Honestly, I have never thought of these issues. I have looked at it from the perspective of the artist creating a beautiful rendering or sculpture that sets the youthful beautiful body in stone for eternity. Ignorantly, I thought the act of creating a beautiful sculpture and having you see her beauty as a way of making her a little famous…if only with you all- my readers.

I am not as puppyish as I used to be. Though I still have bounce and an enthusiastic spirit about my art. I wish for all of you to consider taking an art class, challenge yourself…let yourself be an untrained artist—“seeing” like through your puppy eyes.

Life is pretty dog gone incredible!!

Have a blessed week!

Keep jumping and bouncing about!

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