Monday, December 22, 2014

Plant Love Art

Love is very much like a plant. If it is not receiving water and sunlight it dies. It withers away for lack of nourishment. 

We have an advantage over plants- we can communicate our needs to our loved ones. We can ask for more.

There is no shame in saying:”I need more love.” or “Give me some attention.” or “ Please ask me about my day.”

Most of the time the partner has gotten extremely caught up in life…not meaning to neglect or to harm the other Love. Life just got really busy.

How long must the other go on waiting for nourishment.
Good question. I am not sure.

Ask yourself this question: Would life be better off without this Love?

Sit with the question.

See the answer of staying and going. See the left and right side of the answer. Perhaps the love you thought you had wasn’t the Love in reality.

Perhaps,  just perhaps—you both have grown and need more time to be independent. At the end of the day- do you want to lay beside your love and talk about your discoveries? Are you content want small parts of the love- - or maybe you want more. More than just a few drops of rain.

Love sometimes goes through droughts. It is the ebb and flow of life.

The plant accepts its plant-ness. It does not question its growth- it keeps turning its face toward the light, trusting and accepting the nourishment of this world.

Love doesn’t “just happen”. It requires communication. It requires humbling patience. 

It is easy to throw away the plant that that is dying and go purchase another one. However, I like the idea of taking cuttings from the original rose and making lots and lots of other plants. Let us all grow stronger and better - using our voice. Becoming one love and light.

I promise to give you more nourishment…more love.

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