Friday, December 5, 2014


Original photography by Robert Hendry 2014
Composition by Judith Parsons Art 2014
I Love words, playing with them and deciphering  their clever personalitites. Words are very much alive for me. They awaken me with a sweet tender soft slow delicate kiss in the morning and they hide behind corners, waiting to surprise me and make me laugh.

Today I was playing in photoshop with a photo Bob Hendry was nice enough to let me use. (waving- Hugging you and Ina) and I thought the word “SOAR” was appropriate.

The eagle is not only the symbol for strength in America it is also the lesson in Native American medicine for Spirit.

As I was playing with the circle and lines, I inverted stripes of the photo and then used a circle to emphasize the wholeness of the symbol. I love the wings as they make a triangle, and if you read me- you know it means: “The Trinity”.

I love the way the circle became parenthesis, and by the way- don’t you love the word parent-thesis…Like it is telling use- the writing a thesis..(grinning) Sorry- I got off track…(grinning) (It’s what I do—off track..I celebrate it) 

Okay..Okay.. back to the blog and the word “SOAR” the S is on one side of the parent-thesis (grinning) and the word OAR is on the inside.

First off my great grand mother’s last name was Oar….(waving to all those Oar’s out there)

lets think about this..connect the dots…

We need oars to move our boat, we need to paddle, paddling makes us strong, paddle directs our vessel. If we don’t paddle we drift, when we drift we accept what is given to us.

Do you REALLY want to drift? Do YOU really want to leave to chance where you will end up?

I do not want to be a drifter, I want to be a strong person paddling my lovely vessel of love. 

We can paddle or flap our wings, what ever you decide to do- do it with delight! (grinning and hugging you) When you get to the shore to camp for the night, when you light your camp fire beside the river you will smile knowing you got yourself exactly where you wanted to be.

THIS excites me to know this!

We are soaring together. I love you all! Have a blessed Friday!!

P.S.: Think jazzy music when you are out and about, stay grounded and serene. Smile often please…I love it when you smile!

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