Friday, December 12, 2014

Birthday Art-You!

Cake photo from Google images
Playing in photoshop- Judith Parsons 2014
December is a glorious month for birthdays! I have many friends and a son who was born in the last month of the year.

Birthdays are a glorious time to reflect and assess you and your place in this world. 

It is a time to “own” yourself.
That is the best gift you can give you.

Look at yourself like art, like a sculpture.
Walk around and gaze at you.
Sit in front of yourself and look deep into your eyes!

Now smile. You have done a fine job Dear.

Let yourself hug yourself and say thank you. YOU have been working so hard in a world that seems to ask more and more of us. The technology spins the hamster wheel faster and faster and there is no down time to appreciate all that you have done.

Please sit in a comfy chair and let me get a pillow for your feet, and let me get you a cup of tea. And let us listen to the silent thoughts of potentiality.

It is enough to sing Happy Birthday quietly…like a soft whispered love song. To celebrate between the gap- the magnificent you.

Happy Birthday Dear.

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