Thursday, October 30, 2014

Breath of Compassion

Sacred Geometry astounds me. THIS is what graduate studies is ALL about.  Falling in love with something so incredible it takes OVER your life.

(smiling sigh)
I am seeing it every where. This is where the question arises: Am I manifesting “Sacred Geometry” into my life because it is new cognitive energy- or- Is it an “entity or consciousness” that is magically presenting all these new incredible experiences?

An example of crazy, is walking to school today and seeing a cardboard tube that is shaped as a equilateral triangle. It laid upon the ground smiling at me, saying:  “You know you want me, go ahead, take me to class.” 

I stood there contemplating picking up this box and taking it to class! I had lost it. 

In class today Professor Mark Reynolds showed us the “Breath of Compassion”. All he had to do was say the name of this shape and I was about to fall upon my knees and cry out in ecstasy! 
Dear Lord! Does it get any better? (grinning)

Art is truly reflecting life and Life is truly reflecting art.

I am not sure which is first, or even if it matters anymore. 

I know when I am in the mist of a master artist. It delights me to no end to study with this incredible professor!!

The art I created looks a bit scrambled. Learning is like that, we need to be a bit unsettled, a little tangled up and confused as we learn. We look to the master, who is divine, calm and serene. We keep copying the masters work, learning and refining.

I am in awe of Mark A Reynolds. He is 70 years old next month and HE is passion! He is ART! He is an incredible artist! Go visit his site and check out the detail and accurateness of his art. What a awesome dude!

I will get there—everyday I become more accurate. I don’t particularly like to use the word: “Perfect”. When I get to that point- I will be in heaven. (grinning) And I am far from perfection…

God knows life is incredible! I am 54 years old. I am a middle aged women on the outside- but a wild 25 year old soul on the inside! Learning at this age IS possible!! Keep growing! Keep learning!!


(Try a little compassion today...Everything is as it should be. Really. It is ALL good.)

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