Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Adopt Art

Yesterday was a disappointing day. As I LOST some art work that was in storage. My son brought the key to me in Savannah before I came to San Francisco. I thought it would be there when I returned. 

I keep gulping because it saddens me so. 

I am writing it out- and this is the last you will hear of it. Art should never ever be trashed. Art for me, is akin to a puppy or kitten. As an artist we want it to go to a home that will love it. We want our art to be in a loving environment that will touch it and smile.

We want our art to be appreciated and loved. Adopted to a good home. 

I learned my art- that was in storage was sold to the storage place, given away, or even trashed. (gulping- clearing throat over and over) It is gone.

I will tell you about birth of 2 pieces of art. The bronze drum ring and the glass wings were born in the year 2000. I created the art while attending San Jose State University.  I was taking a foundry course and wanted to make a huge drum ring that eventually I would add leather or glass to it.

I got a large aluminum round tub basin and took large strips of wax which where 8 inches wide by 18 inches long and got into the hot tub to slowly bend the wax around the basin. We lived in military housing in Monterey, CA. The back of the house was against the woods so not too many people witnessed my making of the art. It was sunny and bright that day. I had on my one piece bathing suit. And I remember laughing and having fun with the wax and the basin, both submerged. I even remember my husband, (now ex) laughing and enjoying helping me. (sighing) 

The glass wings were heavy and large. Mary White was the glass professor and she was kind enough to allow me to cut up huge sheets of clear glass to make the wings. I made the mold off of goose wings. In Monterey, the geese fly in very low over the highway and they are killed. It is a sad horrible thing to see. I was taught by a lovely friend the ways of the Native American. That any animal should be given a proper burial. I also felt God was “gifting me” these beautiful animals to use in my art. 

Professor Welsh was nice enough to help me make a huge mold off of my bird wings. It was a lengthy process but well worth it. She was a enthusiastic wonderful instructor who was happy to help a novice. Then Mary White helped me figure out how to make the wings in glass. She was so concerned with the annealing process that she demanded we leave the wings in the kiln all summer to cool off!

I lost my external hard drive and my old lap top that might have had the photo file images is also dead. So. I guess that means it is time to move forward.

I leave you with a new image created in photoshop. I used a file from the Adobe people. It is not mine, the octagon colorful shape- I added it to a photo I had taken of my daughter Margaret, 4 years ago. 

I thought I had energy to go weld. I do not. I have been looking through old thumb drives, hopeful to find an image of old work. Though, I guess it would be akin to looking at photos of an old love, or a puppy that has long since died. What is the point?
Awe, that is EXACTLY the point, there never has been anything pointed or sharp about me.
(sighing) No points, all curves.

Have a blessed day!

Please, go purchase a piece of art from a artist friend, go and check out their storage- filled with art they think is not perfect enough yet…They will probably give you a great deal.

Love you all!

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