Sunday, October 19, 2014

Preparing Art Balance

Original art created by Judith Parsons
Me- grinding away the triangles in the disc.
This weekend was amazing! 

Between the welding and the gift I received  I was thrilled with the messages I was receiving. 

I spent a tremendous amount of time carving or cutting equilateral triangles into metal pipe ends. It was a “face up close” experience and  becoming comfortable with sparks. 

After the 8th one I was becoming comfortable with the heat and sparks of my project. I love sparks! 

I was happy creating as the sparks remind me of celebrations with family. The sparks remind me of my children and friends and the Fourth of July! (Waving at the Sneed and Mettler family!) So I was happy as could be- grinning and remembering who and what REALLY is important.
Amazing how welding art connects me to my life!

I am making a sphere with the metal disc and inlaying the center with bronze. Everything takes time. Drawing the lines upon the disc took time. I kept reminding myself, prepare it perfectly so it will be easy to bring the lines away. Everything takes time. Which brings me to the paper that sits behind the bible.

Thank you Eric for the beautiful gift! (Waving) I have never been given a bible from another person. I was astounded by your generosity! It is a gift that stays connected. 

The paper the bible was wrapped in has time motif upon it. The clock looks like my grandmother’s clock. THAT tidbit of information is not lost upon me. It is most definitely a sign that I am on the right track. Eric- how totally cool. You wrapped up the bible in images that connect me to my family, specifically to my grandmother, who I loved dearly! My middle name: “Ethel” was from my grandmother. I can own it now- proud to have that name.

Today I work upon the sculpture. There is always art to be done,

I am happy growing and becoming an artist. It is a constant “being born” over and over again we transform and birth ourselves. Constantly transforming!

Wooohooooo!! Life is amazing!! I love y’all!

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