Monday, October 20, 2014

Scalloped dreams

Images from google.
Composition by Judith Parsons 2014
The composition I created this morning was inspired by that scalloped wall. When I saw it I gasped and said to myself- “Judith you need to make a million little shells like this and create scalloped art.”

(smiling) I must give credit to Kelly Rodriguez, it came from her blog, I just stumbled upon it in google images. 

The person walking with pants rolled up could be my son, my nephew or any male friend. I love the sense of the photo. The horizon line combined with the reflections of the sunshine make it a DREAM photo.

Come sit beside me upon the sandy shore of my mind. And lets discuss dreams. You tell me your. I will tell you mine.

I would love to have a place at the beach. A school would be nice, to teach my friends art. I would love to see the satisfaction in their eyes when they accomplish creating something. I want to “Wooohooooo!” along beside them as they grin and smile at their art.

It would be nice to take care of women friends. I have so many women friends who are alone out there. I worry about them. I want them to grow stronger and better with time. I want them to give art a chance to make them stronger.

I can see a group of women with welding masks on. They are all centered around a huge project, all working on it. Then when they take their welding masks off- they are all white haired magnificent wild women!! (grinning) Isn’t that a marvelous sight to imagine?

I would love a place where we could cook and clean and BE there for one another. A place where family members and friends can come to make art.
I would love to show them all that I know.

We would have an outdoor shower, we would have bon fires on the beach and we would laugh and learn together. We would grow stronger and better everyday!

These are my dreams. Maybe they are yours as well.

Soaring beside you all! Loving life!! Loving you!!

(hugging you)

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