Sunday, October 12, 2014

Mermaid ART

Original art created by
Judith Parsons 2014
I am just playing with my favorite subject- mermaids. Doing one of my favorite things- drawing in photoshop!!

I love mermaids - they represent my mother! She was happiest when she was in the swimming pool. My favorite memory is her swimming at Travis pool. Y’all from Garden City probably remember that pool.

My mom swam so gracefully and elegantly. I suppose thats why I feel madly in love with the water. I figured it would make me as happy as it made my mom. I could always find a job life guarding or teaching swimming. It was a great summer job and I could stay after and swim.

I have taught swimming in Seaside, Virgina Beach, Savannah, and Newport, RI. There are lots of adults and children that have earned their fins with me…

Marion- are you still teaching?
Who else out there LOVES the water?

A glorious place to soar. Free! 

Keep swimming! (grinning) Love y’all!

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  1. Judy that is so cool. AND it's a lovely tribute to mom. Blessings on your head talented sister.