Saturday, October 25, 2014

River Goddess

Composition created by Judith Parsons Art 2014
Image from Goggle 

It is a process. Becoming the you- you have always wanted to be. I have 2 more years here in San Francisco- becoming the artist- becoming the art- that I have always wanted to be. 

I have to thank my daughter- Margaret, who is the deepest- most incredible artist. She said ages ago; “Treat your body like art.” That was a big life moment.

The other changing moment- is below…I love everything about the river. I love the way it changes and flows and curves…I met a woman who lived beside a river, I didn’t know how to become the river. I do now!
Thank you Anita, for having patience. You have taught me much.

Finding the highest me…Finding the highest witness of me.

I have come leaps and bounds
I have grown 50 life times in THIS year

I have learned a great deal from my Reiki priestess.

She taught me to slow my river.

Years ago- I let the river take me
Years ago- I let the rapid river of life slam me 

I have learned how to stand in the river
I see the rains coming from afar
I see the river rising

I can choose now

To stay
To stand
To control the flow around me

It took many many moons
To let the highest woman of my soul
Come forward

She stands upon the water
Her gown graceful
Her movements controlled

SHE doesn’t let anyone “TAKE” her now.
She is stronger, better, smarter.
She is learning that everything is LEARNING

Finding her rhythm
In the river of Life
Learning the sounds of the flow
Learning the swirls 

Shedding everything
Shedding nothing


Becoming the reflected light of the river
Becoming the shimmering silver movement

Become one with all…

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