Monday, October 20, 2014

Perfect Noble Clouds

Photograph & image by Judith Parsons 2014
I took this photograph while waiting upon my bus to take me to class, this morning. I looked up at the clouds and immediately thought: “Wow- God just photoshopped the perfect clouds!”

It is rare to see clouds in San Francisco. It is even more rare to get rain. I love the photo, the way the eye is drawn into the vanishing point. The road and buildings aid in guiding the eye “Into” the art. The clouds are cotton candy (candy floss) magic that eventually produced liquid magic. 

I wish I had been outside when
it rained 
in San Francisco today.

I let that statement have its space. It is an important sentence, as it never ever “rains” here. Okay. In the past year that I have lived here, it has misted and sprinkled. However, it really hasn’t “rained”-- until today.

The view from the magnificent large windows was exquisite. For a moment I could have been in Louisiana or Florida even. The rain was coming down steadily and evenly. The wind gave it a slight tilt. It was a magnificent occurrence to behold! Maybe it wasn’t exactly a “miracle”…but it was darn close.

Expecting miracles is what life is ALL about. Professor Noble showed us the video about the tapestries that were created for the “Cathedral of our Lady of the Angels.” It was a labor of love for the artist John Nava. Ten years in the making and creating the modern day art of tapestries was a magnificent process to behold.

Sacred space
sacred places…

Art school and Professor Lawrence Noble  allow us to “be”. It is a glorious class to create and learn about my fellow artist friends. Thank you for letting me ramble on about sailboats and children.

I am learning so much about art and most importantly about myself. When we speak, the thoughts that are feathery ethereal gossamer nothings become concrete blocks upon which we can stand. The blocks we keep stacking upward…until we reach heaven.

Thank you Professor Lawrence Noble for making the rain today an enjoyable event!

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