Saturday, October 18, 2014

Own Your Journey

Art created with images from google.
Composition by Judith Parsons
I know some folks who have done a pilgrimage. They traveled to another continent, they prepared for months to become better. There was something magical "OUT there" and they were determined to trek the same walk many others had traveled.

They were upon their own "journey" to find themselves.

Take that journey and transpose it upon your life.

Awaken with your sacred space and give some moments of time toward your highest self.

Pace yourself throughout your day, think of your steps to work, to the grocery store, taking the trash out as your own special Camino of the soul.

I would love to travel to Spain and do the "real Camino"- but for now every art piece I create is akin to the reward.  While others travel and wish for a hot bath and a good meal. I wish for my art to come alive.

When you use your voice.  Own what you say.

Be aware of your actions. Own what you do.

As I walk my path I am aware of relationships. How fragile a heart is. How we all yearn and ache for a "real connect". I have many friends who I love!! (waving and hugging you all) Many of you I have not yet met.

I would LOVE to walk with y'all! I would love to look you in the eye and see your soul! I would LOVE to grow strong and better with each of you!!

This weekend take a moment and say a little prayer. We are all woven into one another. Let us journey in love and light-as one.

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