Friday, October 10, 2014

Mask...Tis the season

A new self portrait. Playing in photoshop. 

Who are we really? When I was young people talked about wearing different hats. 

Personally, as an artist I think we wear different masks.

The work mask, all professional. Never revealing to the boss that you hate him for driving a mercedes and you catch the bus. He pays you dirt and you take it. You want to move up in the company, but you never finished college. Dang it. 
The mask is hot and sweaty and by the time you get out of work and on that bus, you are ripping that mask off.

All the other bus peeps. Y’all smile and wave. You see them everyday. Same bat time, same bat channel. You have a different mask for them. The “Hey- I am a llllll right. Everything is cool mask.”

Then the boyfriend mask. Before you get off the bus- you are slipping it on. Wondering how big a smile to plant upon the mask. Too much isn’t good. It has to be confident and suave. When deep down inside you feel like crying, coz she isn’t what you thought she would be. But God knows she loves you. And thats enough, isn’t it? It is better than being alone.
or is it?

If you were alone, would you wear the mask? Who would you be- ALONE?

When you look at yourself in the mirror- are you wearing a mask?

Hmmmm..Just rambling.

Tis the season for masks.

May you find your perfect mask!

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