Sunday, October 12, 2014

Hot air balloon passion!

Finding Your Passion

I was speaking with a friend this morning about passion. She is an incredible writer and is passionate about writing. (waving at you) And she would like to discover other things that she is passionate about. 
I warned her about opening the “Passionate box” it is like lifting the lid open and a huge hot air balloon inflating. There is nothing you can do about it. Forget about shutting the lid. Just get in the basket and let the passion take you where you need to go.

I worked with metal yesterday. I like puzzles- I like fitting things together. I worked with metal discs and used a great little cut off wheel to put designs into the metal. (sighing) I got side tracked and did 3 other projects while going back to the main project.

I smile thinking about how “all over the place” I am. I am learning to go with it- flow with it- to not judge myself harshly. Eventually the main project got done…(grinning) I am definitely NOT linear in the way I think or create. And Its cool. I laugh at myself- like there is a law book of how an artist “should” create…I have to laugh- and let myself just be -and just do- and just create!!!

While I was working on a very detailed piece, I had pliers holding the metal, and the grinder in the other hand, my face was in close to see the lines I had marked upon the metal and sparks where flying under my arm…At that moment- the “highest me” whispered; “Good job.”
It made me smile, it was a slow motion beyond time sort of moment.

I must becoming an artist. I hear that it is normal- artist hear voices. (chuckling) And they are a wee bit insane. I am good with that…
Back to the main theme here. Passion. Don’t fear it, open the box up. Let the hug balloon inflate, jump in- and if you are lucky you will have a Love that will jump in with you. 
Come on Anita, ready? Lets see where the wind takes us. Life is pretty darn incredible.

Wooohooooo!!! Soaring!!! We are all growing stronger everyday!

Together we can have a art school- art camp- art whatever you want to call it.

We are growing stronger together!! Better everyday!!

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