Saturday, March 8, 2014

LOVE your energy!!!

 Last night was an incredible night of energy!!!

Thank you Janice (waving) for joining me along the art street fair last night!! I was so stimulated with art images that I couldn’t sleep!

I tossed and turned and dreamed of art. Dreamed isn’t the right word. Because just as I would fall asleep. Another art image would pop into my head. My eyes would open and I would whisper to myself: “Wow!”

And I would think about the woman torso and how to suspend her…and how to create the puzzle that is me- and convey to you- the viewer how complicated I am…as I am my art. And how complicated and involved art is. The only way I can convey the labor of love that art is --is to create it beside you.
We need to start thinking of creating art beside one another.
Yep- you and me. Making art. What fun it will be!

And the process of creating art is so incredibly divine that it leaves me stunned- and not able to sleep.

I let the energy wash over me like a young river. I laid upon the stream of thought and let it take me whilst it wanted.

The muse is the electric current of thought. We spark one another on. The energy flows toward the ocean of ONE and we all flow along the young river of life. The river of energy flows fast- it is a hungry river of wanting to become.

Everything is art- everything reflects art- it swirls and dips and dives into flies and moves...IT MOVES!!! Art is constantly changing- dancing -growing- becoming---all based upon our OWN cognitive processing!! Ooooooh- It is magic!!! (grinning)

It rushes toward the ocean of ALL and pulses so wonderfully- we feel it as we let it carry us- riding the wonderful wild currents- the rapids of art!
Turning feet to help protect against any debris that might be in the river-
We deflect it…
And you smile…and whoop it up as we are all riding along-
enjoying the current of LOVE and LIGHT!!!!

Sure there are pockets of quiet water- where the water does not rush – where one can rest- if one so desires…

I am making up for lost time. I have lived most of my life- a quiet artist…
NOW…I am so much more!!! Wooohooooo!!!

Make unforgettable memories!!!
Think about a healing arts center- where would you like a place to create art?

Think of a place to howl at the moon- a place you can sit around a camp fire and create ART?!

Let us plant some seeds for living our best life!!! As we transition from a 40 hour desk job- to another place of fulfillment- let us think...and plan upon a life of creative love! Beside you- soaring –swimming- singing in the electric soothing waters of Love!!! Growing stronger every day!!!

 Ramblings with no points...just curvy wild hips of Love!

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