Monday, March 3, 2014

Lighting a candle of You

I didn't know how much I really loved candles until I moved into a place- in the city of San Francisco- that forbid them. I signed a lease and sighed...and kept my promise not to light candles.

This past weekend - I was thrilled with the ritual of candles. I purchased 4 lavender candles and was ecstatic to be able to burn them. Thank you Janice for letting me ramble on about them.

I learned from my Beloved Anita (waving) that we should honor the light. When she lights a candle she says something along the lines of this: "God brought light into this world- please bring light into my life." I love that!!! I will always remember the first time Anita lit a candle beside me- her face aglow with the light.

There is an authentic presence to lighting fire. Perhaps we are all connected to the primitive cave man- and to the warmth of it. I get lost in the flames of a camp fire or in our neighborhood- huge bon fires! The fire made shapes and faces that astounded me- I bet Rebecca and Liz still remember the early photos--a very unusual  face appeared- and it has always remained with me. Were we living close to burial grounds? (smiling)

There were may nights we sat beside fires- clinking glasses and watching the swirling smoke rise. I do plan to do it again...and I want to laugh and sing and be just as howling crazy!

There is something extra special about flames- all kinds! My Luvs knows my love of candles. I would fill the house with candles on Christmas eve, and we would stay up celebrating and telling stories.

I created a sculpture- some of my closest girl friends remember how we added colored string to the piece of art-we lit candles. It made it a ritual! That memory stays with me. You want me to remember something- then please light some candles. (grinning) I still have her-the sculpture- she is at my dad's place..chill-laxing waiting for my return.

There are candle lit memories that will always remain with me- and huge- GLORIOUS fires that I can still see my loves across the sparks- the heat and heart of the flame...I have neighbors from long ago that are with me every time I light a candle.

When it is time to blow out the candle, I have a ritual of planting seeds of intentions. And then I add my own little request- that the smoke rises and tickles the feet of God- and he sees my request and smiles upon me.

Bring your own rituals back to LIGHT!! Bring the love and light back home. I miss my Louisiana friends- (I am pulling you into a huge hug) God knows I miss you!!! Enjoy the season!! Enjoy the Love- the King cake- the fires of love...

These are just a few of my loves...
David- Margaret- Rost-Anita- Patrick- Teresa- Helen- Margaret-Alex-Karen-Lynn-Ken-Helen-Tom- Jack- Marie  Mychal- Arvin-Mykayla- Diane- Bennie-Liz-Becca- Steve-Davie- Emma-Meghan-Brenton-Donna- Terry- Steve- Karen- Greg-Craig-Katie- Kathy-Kim-Richard-Richy- Leon-Edda and Larry- our neighbors on the bayou...

I bow my head before each meal and ask the Lord to Bless the missing parts of my family...YOU are blessed...(and your children as well...the list might have gone on for days- if I started listing children and grandchildren...just saying...

I love y'all!

(Dr.E...I look forward to seeing you across the fire!)