Monday, June 30, 2014


Art created especially for this blog- by Judith Parsons.
I am writing on the fly...What you see in the photo to the left is what has been upon my mind. This is rambling at its best!

I am visiting Anita and her mother in Ireland. My mother is on my mind these days.
I am certain she would be laughing right along with us! I imagine her walking beside us- as we walk about the divine countryside.

I love the way Anita and her mom get along! It is a different way here with elders. They really take care of their family. The whole family comes over to visit on the weekend and sit and have some craic.

There is a respect and reverence for the family.
(sighing smiling)

We saw a beautiful Irish setter as we were walking to our car. And I am sure my mother was pulling strings in heaven to make that dog appear exactly at that particular time- reminding me of my childhood. (smiling) I am a child at heart! There are soooo many things I still want to do! Surfing- sky diving- sailing!

Is it true- You are as young as you feel? Then I am 25! (grinning)

I am the white haired woman in the black top. Anita and her mum are beside me. My mother's photo is the one with the water damage at the bottom. Its a long story to be told about floods and I won't go into it now.

The gothic window has been photoshopped - I love love love the medieval architecture and take photos ALL the time!  The trinity cross at the bottom is my love for the Celtic realm.

I am blessed to be here- in this magnificent home. Were love flows easily- effortlessly- elegantly- exquisitely -(smiling sigh)! Soaring!!!! Wooohoooooo!!!
Love you!!!

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