Saturday, July 5, 2014

Angels in Ireland

Magical photos from a magical photographer. Judith Parsons Art
I have been in Ireland for two and a half weeks. Lace curtains, spiraling architecture, miles of green fields and quietness soooo calm you can hear cows mooing in the morning.

I have forgotten the luxuries of life. I am sitting in a car, being driven to events and able to purchase groceries without fearing how I will carry them home.

(slow sigh) God knows I am in heaven here. San Francisco seems worlds away. I look now at my life in the city. How I have become the “artist in the city” at the college early and staying late and snatching fruit snacks or noodle soup.
When I am in San Francisco, I am a minimalistic person. I focus on DOING art. It is all I do. It is all I am.

The contrast is extreme. Ireland is a magical place, I have been graced with a family that has welcomed me into their home. They have a television, a car and many rooms to sit and relax. In Ireland there is bedroom, a sitting room, and a kitchen. While in San Francisco I have none of that. No television, no car and one room where I sleep. There is a kitchen- though I share it with 6 people. I rarely cook because there is only me. It hardly seems worthwhile to cook.

This is heaven.

I am blessed. Thank you Anita and Maggie for being Angels.

Soaring beside you both. I love you!

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