Monday, July 7, 2014

Frog Transformation

Original FROG ART by Judith Parsons Art 2014
Art from
I was just recalling a memory about tiny frogs jumping all over the place with Anita...When a friend on facebook posted a photo of one. (waving) She was nice enough to let me use it for this blog.

I was young, maybe 5 years old when the frogs took over! I was laughing and screaming as hundreds of frogs jumped about my feet. The bucket that held tad-pols was now over flowing with tiny baby frogs!

Seeing Rachel’s photo (waving) reminded me of a simpler time. A time when playing in the ditch behind my house was like exploring a massive river. 

My brother knew the eggs would turn into baby frogs. I was mesmerized by the round black eggs floating in a clear jelly. I scooped them up to see what would happen. My brother, Alex (waving) stood there smiling- a sly grin upon his face. 

He told me to put them in a bucket and wait to see what happens. He knew.

The cats thought it was fun too. They hopped about chasing the frogs - trying to catch them. What a glorious happy silly insane memory to think back upon. Frogs EVERY where!!!

The frog, in Native American cards by Jamie Sams and David Carson, is the water energy and teaches us to honor our tears. The tears prepare for sacred transformation. The water of rain washes us clean and the puddles become mirrors reflecting the sun.

It is inevitable in life to have tears. It can not be prevented. It is HOW we learn. A million moons ago a friend said: “Does the toddler ask for the pot upon the stove to burn her?” She is one wise woman!! You know who you are. (waving)

We stumble and fall. It is glorious to have loved ones beside us to help pick us up and dust us off. (Though, some times we must pick ourselves up alone. And rescue our selves.) We must go on. Learning from the fall where to step.
Or-where to jump.

Have a blessed day sweet loves!

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