Thursday, July 17, 2014

TIME challenge

I spent a week in London for my birthday with Anita and her family! (waving) You see me in front of  "Big Ben."

Birthdays are a time to evaluate your year, your goals and your dreams. I used to groan with dread with the birthday coming up- because I had no dreams-no huge goals- nothing to inspire me.
Not any longer!!!

My life is glorious! I am in a relationship that accepts me, warts and ugly past scars. I need not justify myself at all.

It is up to me to use my time wisely. I admit, I hid in the fog of wine. I wasn't sure where I wanted to go, what I wanted to do or be. So I would hide in the foggy realm.

Time is precious!!! I want to kiss you softly upon the forehead, upon your third eye, look you in the eyes and whisper to your soul: "Time is precious!!"

Anita and I watched a movie that changed me. As I was guilty of what the main character did. The main character, Justin Timberlake, would gulp and rush eating. There is one scene in the movie-where he is eating at a ritzy expensive restaurant and another person who has time and is used to having time-  tells him he needs to slow down everything. She was used to having time -which in this movie was equivalent to having money.

In this movie, "Time", one was afraid of running out of time. Time was the money. One paid for a cup of coffee with 4 minutes of time-which would be taken from your life.

The people who had excessive time (money) moved at a leisurely pace, they didn't rush their movements- they didn't eat fast. Every move was relaxed and confident.

I challenge myself to move with a heightened awareness! It is TIME to move to the next floor up. To enjoy every single moment. To eat slower, to take a break and slow everything to a rich luxurious pace.

"Mr/Ms. Time may I have this lovely slow dance?"
He/she smiles a glorious smile, kisses me upon both cheeks and guides me upon the dance floor. The warm hand of Time upon my lower back- I step closer to Time. Enjoying every step.

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