Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The wind is my LOVE!

The wind is my Love.
She has always comforted me, as I sat in the top of trees. I was a monkey as a young girl, that sought solace in the tree tops. I would sit for hours listening to her whispering love to me.
I moved from home- married a oceanographer and learned about the wind upon my canvas. I painted upon canvas -however, I never let it carry me, until I became an artist.

The wind is God to me.
She kissed the canvas sails that pushed me higher. SHE captivated me and made me believe I was more than the mundane.
She pushed me onward and upward transcending everything before.

I took the sails off the boat and painted upon one. I still have the sail from our Catalina 30 boat. I painted with my 5th graders, 60 children and I turned that sail- that carried me to heaven into art.

Those children made me more. Today I walked along the rocky beaches, I looked out into the fog and thought about the Love I have for the wind, how She wraps around me- swirling and creating heaven upon earth.

I am stunned by the simplicity of Her. She wears no make-up, she is regale in her appearance, straight back, strong muscles, strong arms that melt me and her hands....Oh- well- she is glorious with her healing hands.

She heals me, continuously. She shines and laughs and makes me crazy with her eyebrows dancing. SHE is the wind...my love.

I hope for you a love that moves you---that is magical marvellous music.

I am sorry I do not have photographs to show you the wind I love...wind is something we hear- before we even know we are hearing it.
I love you sweet friends.

The wind owns me...

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