Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Warriors Unite!!

Art created by Judith Parsons Art.
Castles on the beach, women hitting the bullseye.

Good morning my Dear Sweet Warrior Friends!!

Picture me with bow in hand, I am wearing my leather warrior woman art and we all have leather arm bands upon our forearm. We are going to learn about strength today and have fun shooting a bow and arrow.

If you have never done it you are in for a treat!! it is exhilarating to hit the target and even more exciting to hit in the yellow.  There is much to be said for upper body strength. Being an artist and slabbing clay, I have an advantage over most of you all. It has taken me 3 years to build up my arms and torso muscles, but anyone can take art classes. Anyone can have fun with mud/clay.

First, lets review some safety points. 
One, don’t shoot anyone.

 I know, I know, you came here with your partner and she is really competitive. And there are moments when you just want to inflict a wee bit of pain, because hells bells, your partner drives you insane. (Shaking my head) It is NOT a good idea, remember you sleep beside this person, there is no telling what she might do to you in the middle of your slumbering.

(Grinning) Okay. 
Thats it. Go find a place where you can take classes. Google it. 

Your fingertips may get really purple and sore. Mine did. There are cool little finger tip protectors one can wear...(It makes you really feel like a warrior.) Though, truth be told, Anita’s didn’t. God knows, is there anything that woman can not do perfectly?

Poking you with the tip of the arrow, go on you. Go be a warrior for me. You know, you really know how I love strong fierce people. 

Whistling and skipping out the door. I am back in the studio today sweet Loves!!

Life is a-a-a-a-amazing!

Oh Dear Sweet Karen Young, YOU are an incredible Warrior Woman!!! (hugging you tight)

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