Saturday, August 20, 2016

Born in Ireland!

Photo taken by Judith Parsons.

This summer I have been hanging out with incredible women from Ireland. The healing powerful energies of Reiki masters, the healing powers of the rain and the healing love of friendship have wrapped around me in a cocoon of love. I am leaving Ireland in a few days stronger for the love I have experienced here.

My cocoon of transformation this summer has been kissed by gentle rains. The rain here has not been the rain I knew in Louisiana. The rain here is soft and gentle. It falls in a “come out and kiss me out under the rain.”  The rains in Louisiana and Georgia are the rains that blind you, the harshness so extreme and exhausting. Not so here, the rain whispers its wants and are easy and enjoyable. I have thoroughly enjoyed the rain here.

I said goodbye to a man who visited me in a vision. A man I loved and will continue to love, now that I KNOW without a shadow of a doubt that spirits can visit us and come to the place that we hold sacred in our minds-eye. It was a magical vision that changed me and gave me a life line to heaven. I know the ones we hold dear can visit and I will continue on this thread another time with another blog.

I have met lovely energies; Ann, Ursula, Christine, and Aoife. The light from these women are incredible. They have towering energies and immense luminous beacons that reach to infinity. Each of them bringing lessons for me, that have left me in awe. Lessons of a life lived through trials and tribulations, leaving us all stronger for it. 

I have stood upon mountain tops with arms out stretched screaming my crazy “Woooooohoooooooo!!!!” and laughed until my belly ached beside the sea shore. I have looked into the hawk’s eye and heard his wants for me. The messenger always prevalent in my life. I have drunk wine with exquisite Loves and slept with a grin upon my face so amazed that this summer has been given to me. 

I have learned how to let go of the serious side of life. To hang out the worries of the unknown upon the clothes line of love, letting the wind blow away the unwarranted fears of the future.
THIS summer I grew up and I became a child again. 

I learned how to digest others fears, and how to look at life from an objective perspective. I finally figured out that I can only cure me. I can cradle and hold another, soothing them, however, it is up to that individual to heal oneself. This lesson being the most magnificent. It is a freeing place to stand.

I glance toward San Francisco, I am returning rejuvenated and ready to create magnificent art.
What an amazing summer!!!

Riding the waves and winds toward heaven!

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  1. "I grew up to be a child again " what a beautiful thought.