Friday, February 14, 2014

17 seconds

17 seconds is all you get to complain to me -a day -

I am doing you a favor. I am passing along something Oprah Winfrey said- she only allows herself 17 seconds a day to complain. Then she moves on.

There you go.


I was in a meeting where every one wanted to complain. However, no one wanted to  be a part of the solution.


It is a two way street in life.

You GET what you GIVE!!! (shall I shout that one!!!!)

You get back 100 fold! (its true!)

The consequences of not giving back- will result in one lonely little person.

Walk the talk- talk the walk! You can talk about it all day long- however- you need to move your rear end and start making your life Happen!!!

Love is an action verb. Do love!! not just say it.

Hug someone for 60 seconds a day. Let your shoulders relax- and sigh..It is a glorious thing to do!!

I love you all!! God knows I do!!! Soar sweet friends!!! Keep singing and dancing!!!

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